Monday, June 4, 2007

Tons of stuff to do...kinda

Greetings again! Provo is still here! In fact, EFY started last week so campus has been very busy. Katey found out that her picture is in this year's EFY participant Handbook several times! Among those pictures is this one:

Anyway, Daniel is busy with school and only has about 2 more weeks! Can you believe it?

Meanwhile, Katey has a break from work until June 19. To fill her time, she's just been hitting the gym and finding random projects. On top of her "To-Do" List: Apartment Hunting! That's right folks, DK is looking for another place to live. We aren't positive if we are going to move, but Katey really wants to! If you want to know the specifics as to why, when, what, etc... call us!

Other interesting projects include several crafts that Katey has been trying to get around to. Also, She going to start researching information about the GRE! Seeing as one or both of us will need to take this test, we think it best to be prepared.

Hope everything is going well with everyone else! Talk to you soon!

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Diana's Travels said...

Hey Guys! Mom showed me your blog and it looks great! I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. I've got lots of gifts to give, pictures to show and stories to tell! and I'm interested in knowing about this interest in apartment change. Looks like I'll have to call soon.