Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So I hate bugs....and have therefore become a Bug Serial Killer. I go out of my way to SQUASH bugs. Today, I intentionally killed three rolly-pollies, over ten ants, one hairy spider and one unidentifiable ugly bug! It was a slow day. Yesterday I killed two spiders. Some may think that I overreact toward these small creatures but I disagree.

But I encourage all of you to join in my efforts to rid my life of bugs. Not the world. Just my life.

Die Bugs! Die!


heidi said...

Your efforts are greatly appreciated and you are respected because you do what none other can.
The world is a better place because there are less dirty, hairy, slimy, creepy, crawly, filthy, ugly creatures lurking in sidewalk cracks.

Claremont Crew said...

Katey, Katey, Katey!

Rollie-pollie bugs are so cute! And you can pick them up and relocate them without any harm to them or to your psyche. Those cute little things (and ladybugs) do not count in the same realm as other icky creatures.

Now spiders and other things that go slime in the night – that is another story!

Love you,

Janae Walker said...

i completely agree! bugs are disgusting.....i wish you would have been on my mission to kill all the nasty little things in brasil :) so, i added you on my blog list! yeah! we're blog friends :)