Sunday, June 1, 2008

Birthday and Disneyland!

My birthday recently passed. Daniel surprised me with a party with all of our friends the night before. He made sure that my birthday was fun! He's so good at things like that. Yeah, for being 24!

The day after my birthday, we left for California with our friends, Mike and Maridee. We made it down in record time. We went to Disneyland, the beach and enjoyed tons of rain! But we didn't mind because the beach was still somewhat sunny. We also saw the new Indiana Jones movie. As much as I would like to say that we enjoyed it, it was kinda weird. We also got to visit with my family which is always fun! The only unfortunate thing about our trip was that we kept forgetting to take pictures. We have a few and here they are:
The Haunted Mansion...we were scared.
Getting ready to get DRENCHED!Only half way through the ride...
Our portraitThe Aftermath"C" is for CARLSON!
Space Mountain!Main Street
OH! and this is the run-down/scary/gross pit stop that we stopped for bathroom purposes.All-in-All, it was a great trip!


heidi said...

SO CUTE!! I miss you!!
I'll be totally honest with you...I think I have stopped there to pee before too. EWWW, I feel dirty for just admitting that!

Glad your trip was fun!

Claremont Crew said...

I am so glad that you had fun - especially with all the California sun you experienced - NOT! The fire pit evening was memorable and great! Love you lots and lots - oh, by the way, Daniel, will you be watching the NBA games this week?????

reddshack said...

if you take me on your next trip you'll have more pictures than you know what to do with

Bluestar Sky said...

fine then, go to disneyland and have a ball without me! i don't miss it at all, even though i haven't been there since 1997! (i can't believe i remember that date!)

just kidding, cuz, you know i love you. but dang, splash mountain... *sniff* main street...