Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simple Joys in Life

So I just want to list things that happened today that made me happy.
  • My sister text messaged me to say that she loves me. She's been doing this a lot lately but it really meant something to me today.
  • There was a simple game of "Yes/No" going on today and it made me laugh. If you've never heard of this game follow these directions. One person yells, "Yes!" while another yells, "No!" You can go back and forth forever!
  • Daniel made brownies and he let me lick the spoon! MMmmm!
  • Daniel also helped me feel better by just letting me vent about my day.
  • We get to go to the temple tonight and I'm really excited.
And last but certainly not least (in fact, it made my day):
  • While getting buckled into his carseat, one of the cutest 5-year-olds on the planet said, "It's Katey! I love my Katey!" It melted my heart! And I love him too!
So here's to the simple joys in life. Let's hope they never stop!


Rebecca R. Farnsworth said...

You mean the One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song didn't bring any joy into your life? :)

Katey said...

I can't believe I forgot about that one! Of course that's on the list too!

Wendy said...

I have to say, that last one kind of made my day too. :) The best part is, coming from him, you know it is completely honest and sincere. Our whole family loves you.

Taylor said...

You have to love those precious kids. They sure can make days great. :)

heidi said...

And we were on the 10 O'clock news Katey!

Chuck & Kathy said...
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Chuck & Kathy said...

Great list. You sure have an eye and gift for counting your blessings great and small. Lucky that you've learned that early in your married life. It's great to see how our next generation is so wonderful. Fun blog.