Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Gold's Gym...

Please make sure that you change the name of the movie that is playing on the whiteboard behind the desk. I usually don't mind but today I got caught up watching this...

...instead of this!

Seeing as I began to be frightened, I cut my workout short and did an extra long one on WiiFit today. But next time...just change the dumb sign!

Your concerned customer,


Katie Smith said...

Yeah...I think the front desk is a little slow sometimes. Sorry you had to cut your workout short, but at least you were able to do some extra on the WiiFit.

Sean said...

oh the Superbowl was Sunday?? maybe if Britney performed HALFTIME I would have payed more attention!


But for real.

And...Aww Katey!! That is seriously TRAGIC!! I'm upset at them and I don't even work out there (or ever). Wow...It's late and I should go to bed.