Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let the Madness Begin (March that is)

Apparently I am long overdue to make a blog post, and it seems to me that we are overdue for a BYU sports post as well. So here is an update on us and BYU basketball:

It took Katey and I a while to get into basketball season this year (We were still getting over a tough end of the football season I think). But this second half of the year we have attended several home games, and its been a rather exciting second half of the season.

Today we watched our first round game in the MWC tournament, and we barely squeaked by with the win. Although Air Force is 0-16 in conference play, they definitely put up a fight. Tomorrow we play SDSU (assuming they can win. They are currently up by 13 with 1:30 left).

This is certainly the most exciting time in the college basketball season, with March Madness aboiut to begin. Katey and I have made brackets the past several seasons, so we'll see who wins our little family pool this year. May the best bracket-filler-outer-person win!

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Billy Reano said...

That's cool that you all follow that stuff. I can't get into it for some reason. Go BYU.