Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Drumroll please...

Every year, Daniel and I have a Bracket Competition for March Madness. Well, last night was the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals. Let's see how each of our brackets turned out...

There are a few things that I wanted to point out:
  • We both picked UNC to win the whole tournament! (Yeah!)
  • We both picked BYU to go past  the first round...disappointment AGAIN!
  • I won! I picked the most teams correctly! BOO-YA!
So there you go! I won. The End...I love you, Daniel!


Jamie K said...

Good job, Did! Brilliant, Beautiful, and Bsaketball-minded. Ahhh-yeah!

Love you!

Billy Reano said...

good memories.

heidi said...

I'm proud of you. Very very proud!!!
Go Katey! Go Katey!

Esther said...

sweet! that's my cousin!

i tried my hand at the bracket once. i won with flying colors, but you would've laughed at how i chose every team. i don't think i'll ever have that same luck again.