Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Story Time.... Food and Places Where you Eat Food.

As always, our most interesting stories are about food. I'll tell the other stories later but these ones were the first that came to my mind.

The DK had experienced a first: Chicago-style pizza! If you're thinking, "I've ordered that from Pizza Hut. It's the same as any old deep dish pizza", you are SORELY mistaken. Imagine on top of a crust, more than a inch of solid cheese, equal amount of sauce and TONS of toppings on top of that! The pizza pans were three inches deep, people! The place that we went to was called... Pizzeria UNO. My theory is that they named that place because there is NO WAY that a normal person should eat more that one piece. We ordered a medium pizza and finished half of it.
Diana later took us to this well-known restaurant in Chicago. The pictures seriously don't do justice. Can you guess what it's name is? Feel free to comment with your honest guesses. I'll give you a few more clues before I tell you.

Will this help? 

How about this picture?

That's right folks! It's a McDonald's. Since when is a McD's decorated so nicely with nice chairs, tables and a cute little Gelato bar on the second floor? The rest of the world has been robbed! ROBBED!!


Billy Reano said...

I'm TOTALLY going to go to that McDonalds at some point in my life.

Luis Merino said...

NEEDLESS to say. I'm jealous.

Kristina said...

Holy Wow! Is that like a 5 star McDonald's or something :P ha ha

Sovereign Family said...

I've been to Chicago and I must have missed that McDonalds!!!! Where is it located?

Katie Smith said...

Looks like such a fun vacay! I'm totally jealous but more excited that you had such a great time.

Thanks for going to lunch today. It was fun!

maggie-t said...

wow! that is a really nice McDonalds. The Pizza UNO sounds so yummy: )

Thanks so much for the ride today, sry that i made you late for church.