Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seven Peaks...

Summer officially ended for me on Monday. Seven Peaks closed for the season. As I reflected on the past few months, I couldn't help but feel the need to share these bits of wisdom.
  1. Itty Bitty bikinis NEVER look good on a woman who is eight months pregnant!
  2. A slide that leaves a mark on your back, shouldn't be ridden.
  3. White girls should not wear White bathing suits. Or butter yellow bathing suits for that matter.
  4. A tan will look better and stay longer if you use sunblock!
  5. "Why does love always feel like a Battlefield?" (Better go and get your armor)
I hope everyone's summer was just as enlightening.


Carolina said...

i have to say...i LOVE this post!
I LOVE lists and your list was lovely!

Esther said...

bikinis: you should come here and tell that to all the preggos on the island!

sunblock: yeah, so that's what happens when i spend my whole life thinking that sunblock will KEEP YOU FROM TANNING!!! i have learned, and now i'm dark.

Kaulana and Nicole said...

Did you know that is my favorite song?!! I seriously love that song. And 8 months pregnant in a bikini? Wow, I don't even feel okay in one NOT pregnant.

Laura said...

That song will forever remind me of Seven Peaks...Love it!