Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Kylee's a lucky girl!
She has the best dad and grandpas a little baby could ask for! Let's give a little shout-out to each, shall we?
First of all, I just need to mention that I tried to get super smiley pictures of these gentlemen. They just don't take pictures like that which is weird since they are actually a jolly bunch of fellows.

Let's start off with Grandpa Harold!
He is talented, kind, and giving! Plus, he (like us) is a pretty big BYU fan. Go Cougars!
I'm so grateful for my Father-in-law. There are so many good qualities that Daniel has because of his dad. I know that he is the man he is today because of parents and I can't express my thanks enough. I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Next is Grandpa Tutu!
This picture is the closest I could find to my dad smiling. I don't even think he's even smiling, he's singing. My dad is also one of the most creative people I know. He gets excited for the things that we are doing and pursuing. He'll watch most sports but his real love is the ocean.

And Grandpa Cordell "Fanfa"
Cordell lights up whenever he sees his grandkids and they light up whenever they see him. He's patient, funny and looks for the best in people. I can't say anything bad about him because I don't know anything negative to say. Unfortunately, I don't think that he can say the same about me. Cordell has always been a great example to me and continues to be so.

Of course, we should also mention Kylee's favorite person in the world!
Daniel's a great dad! Each time I see him with Kylee, my heart takes a picture. He's a wonderful husband and leader in our home. We love him!


Robnz Fam said...

Holy Stinking Cute Baby Girl!!! She is SUCH a great mix of both of you. I wish we still lived so close so we could watch her grow more!!!

Julie said...

I really liked seeing that picture of Kylee's Grandpa Harold. It has been a long time and I have such great memories of him and Kylee's Grandma Barbara. She is truly an ADORABLE little girl.