Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So we went to Chicago this past weekend(more on that later!) It was Kylee's first plane adventure.
We learned a few things. We'll share them with you for obvious reasons of logic and enlightenment. (And because this is a BLOG. That's what you do on blogs!)
Avoid flying in/out of LAX. The place is worse than being turned into a marsupial.

If forced to fly through LAX, show up 2 hours earlier than you want to. We showed up 1 hour early and had to get bumped to a later flight for "being too late to check-in". Ridiculous!

And Third,
If you don't want to get Kylee her own seat, then sit on the aisle. This facilitates easy exits so Kylee can be walked around and changed at her leisure. It also avoids being trapped in our seats because the kid sitting on the aisle is hungover and passed out. True Story.

We tried to get pictures on our phones but the little one was too wiggly whenever we tried.

Oh well!

Next post: Chicago!


Nicole said...

Yeah, that happened to us on our longest stretch to Hong Kong! Can you imagine? We've always chosen our seats to be at the bulkhead, or at LEAST on the aisle, but this one airline totally screwed up everyone's seats, and we go stuck with a 4 month old against the window for 19 hours. So not fun.

Carrie said...

oh my goodness. great timing on the post. i just bought a plane ticket last night for my baby and i to fly from california to atlanta next month. oh boy, now i'm worried!

Luis Merino said...


Misses Langi said...

hungover and passed out? sorry, i shoulda told you to get aisle seats. the easiest thing for me and hua when traveling with the 2 under 2 was having both of us sit on the aisle seats. that way both girls had easy access to the aisle and didn't get squished on an inside seat. i'm sure you guys handled it well, though.