Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorry, I've been busy...

Don't call it a lame excuse.
We've been super busy.
Like, for real.
So you can run and tell that...

No, seriously.
First of all, we bought a house!

I know, we feel all grown up and everything!!
I'm going to post pictures of the inside but not until it's at least kinda decorated.
I'm weird like that.

Kylee turned one.
Wait, what??

Yes, one.
We've been told that it happens to even the cutest of babies.
It was great, we had a party, all of her grandparents spoiled her.
She loved it!

I ran my first Half-Marathon.
13.1 miles, in case you're wondering.
It may not be a big deal to you, but it is to me.
So right now's the part when you send me an electronic pat-on-the back
or even a virtual thumbs up.
I'm waiting.
Anytime now.

And finally,
Not to sound redundant...
but we moved into the new house.
Don't make that face.
It was a big deal.
We were without internet for days.

So there is our big update.
If you really DID miss our ramblings...
you gotta show us some comment love!
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Natalia said...

1) Yay for Kylie's 1st bday :)
2) Double yay for your 1st 1/2 marathon!
3) Boo to no internets

Bridget said...

didnt she turn 1 a while ago?.... ha ha
i totally understand. you and your in-shape-ness inspire me. way to go. i signed up for my first 10k. its in a month and i am freaking out just a little.
ahh. we miss you guys.
especially lynlee.

Jewels said...

Congrats on everything! Kaylie's such a big girl now. I'm totally jealous about the house. That's awesome!! And running a half marathon is amazing! You are my hero! Hey, what do you think about Ogden next May? I'm working on doing some of it. :)