Tuesday, August 2, 2011


On July 4th, we were in Atlanta
Running this...

Can I just say that it was my favorite race that I have ever run?!?!
60,000 Registrants, Over 100K spectators!
This T-Shirt
It's true.
In fact, we may have to make it an annual tradition!

But there's a sweeter story to this event.
When we signed up, I told myself...
"It's time that I beat Daniel. I train harder, faster and more than he does.
It's my time!"
Then I made these intentions somewhat public
when I was interviewed by Atlanta's Newspaper
Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC).

Don't believe me?
Here's the link to the article.

In it I specifically state that I would like to run faster than Daniel.

At first I kept the article a secret.
But about a week before the race, I told him.

He didn't believe me.
So I showed him the article.

Then we ran.
And I won...by 6 minutes!
And I'm pretty sure that he won't let me off so easily next time!


shiloh said...

Katey, you look great!

didianu725 said...

you rocked the peachtree! Great job!

Misses Langi said...

can i just say that i'm so stinkin proud of you and your fitness feats. (did that make sense?) that's it. i'm gonna train to run now. i'll run... something. maybe a 5k. there's gotta be races on maui; people run like crazy over here. i love love you!!

TC, Ashley said...

Katey you look awesome!!! Good for you! I've also gotten into running. I'm running my first half marathon in September. Miss you! If you ever get to Utah would love to see you!

Jennilyn said...