Saturday, January 7, 2012


Last year I had a theme.

"I can do Hard Things"
Boy, was that stupid or what?!
There were several hard things that came our way.
And each time something happened,
I kept thinking
"You had to pick that theme, didn't you?"
We got through them

Because we can do hard things.
The point of the theme was to stop underestimating myself.

Can't say that I've stopped completely but it's better.

I accomplished things that sounded crazy beforehand
and have set even crazier goals.

But the question I've had is:
"Should I have a theme for 2012?"
"Should I just keep the 2011 theme because it worked out so well?"

So this is what I came up with


I have so much stuff that I want to learn. 
Like how to do a cartwheel
But there's a difference between the things that I want to learn and the things that I need to learn.
Discerning between each is the first step toward becoming more productive.

Goes along with learning.
Ever heard "Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-none"?
That's me
I dunno!
 It's in my New Year's Resolution Theme for me to find out!!

Now's the time for a new adventure.
New skills
New opportunities
New places.
And 2012 is shaping up to fit right in!

Life can be tough
But I'm tougher.
And it's the attitude that makes the experiences good or bad.
Positive attitudes can make an awful experience seem doable
while the simplest tasks can be difficult because you gripe and complain.

So blog world,
(AKA the 3 people who read this)
come LIVE with me in 2012
(but not literally because Daniel would not like that)
because, like I said,
Life can be tough
But you are tougher
Because you can do hard things too!

P.S. Sorry for the pictureless post.
I will get some more next time.


Nicole said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean about being a "Jack of all trades, Master of none!" I always feel like that, and I always wish that I was really good at SOMETHING and not just mediocre at several things. It's actually been bothering me more lately. Love your new theme!! I would love to LIVE with you! : )

Esther Langi said...

i'm soooo gonna LIVE with you, cuz! (not literally, of course, because siope wouldn't like that.) i love this post, and i'm so proud (and slightly jealous) of you and your accomplishments and goals. love you love you!!

maggie-t said...

I am one of the 3 that read your blog :)
It is fun to see your updates and catch up with how your family is doing.
Great new year goals!

Jewels said...

You're up to 4 readers! Love the theme. Makes me want to think up one too. You're totally inspirational. Wish I lived near you so you could kick my butt and get me into gear. Thanks for sharing your wonderful life. :)

Jennilyn said...

Great theme for the year. I need to narrow my theme down to one word for 2012. I try and pick something hard I want to learn how to do each year--this year, I want to learn how to run and not be weary. You are a great example of accomplishing amazing goals!