Thursday, October 11, 2012

Confessions of a Two Year Old

Kylee here....
yes, I'm two.
And I blog. 

Don't be surprised. 
I mastered the use of iPods and iPhones when I was 10 months old.
*True Story*
So yeah, I can blog.

Since my mom can't seem to fill you guys in on our lives,
here is a DK Update....
KYLEE Style!
No. Not Gangnam Style.
Stop watching so much YouTube.

We went to Hawaii!
How my mom missed that... I dunno!

But it was awesome. I learned how to eat sand

became a supermodel

and believed I could fly!

I learned that every important person wears a tie to Church.

we had some quality dance parties

After that I delved into some literary classics.

Then we went to the beach again!

And finally....
my parents finally came to their senses...

and got me a puppy!
I've only wanted one my WHOLE life!
That's it for now

Friday, July 27, 2012


ba BAAA ba buh bum bum 
bum bumpa bud badda bah bum diddily um bum

Don't you love that song?
What song?!
Educate yourself!

It's that time again folks!

Once every few years we get to watch amazing athletes perform for their country.
Remember when the Olympics were every 4 years and now it's 2!
Thank goodness! 
4 years is too long to wait!

So many things that I love about the Olympics
-The Extra Dose of Patriotism
-The Crying Moms
-The Medals Ceremonies

But I love the pivotal moments in the Olympics.
Want an example?
How about 30!


I spent an hour or so watching these.
Result: Cryfest!

Can't wait to watch some amazing moments take place in London!
For now... watch this!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom

Background needed for this story to make sense:
Our Vacuum broke.

Moving on.

I called the Customer Service for our vacuum, Voldemort.
Yes, I named our vacuum.
Just now.

Why is our vacuum named Voldemort?
1-Because Vacuum and Voldemort both start with V
2- Because Voldemort sucks! 

Anymore questions?

Customer Service told us that they would send us packing materials so we could send the vacuum to the repair center.
If it wasn't fixable, it would be replaced since it was still under warranty.

So I'm looking at the directions to pack up the box and they ask that we basically disassemble parts of the vacuum and pack them in.

As I heeded the directions, the thought occurred to me
"I wonder if I can keep taking this thing apart.."

Long story short,
Found the problem.
Fixed the problem.
Took Voldemort on a test drive around the house.

And now Voldemort sucks again!

But here's the best part of the story:
I emailed Daniel my exciting news and he responded with this

"You should have been an Engineer!"

This is me feeling pretty good about myself.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I learned from my first Triathlon

This post is about a month overdue. 
But in my defense, I've been waiting for the pictures that a certain person took...
*ahem, MOM*
But never fear, I have one from my cell phone.
Don't worry, this wasn't my final set up...
I later turned the shoes around, unstrapped them and taped the fuel to my handlebars.
You're impressed. 
Admit it.
I just really wanted to show that I took a towel that said
"It's gotta be Hawaiian" 
on it.

But I digress.

First lesson from Triathlon:
Difficult endeavors are the most rewarding!
Ok, you gotta know:
Triathlons are the most bomb-diggity thing EVER!
I felt like I was competing again.
And I haven't felt that way since I graduated high school.
That being said, it was hard.
But I never thought that I could enjoy hard like that.
Much less look forward to another experience similar to that!
But it felt awesome!
I loved it!

Lesson Numero Dos:
That means Number 2. 
Didn't know I was multilingual, did ya?!
No I'm not talking about "Sharing the Road"
That's another post.
This "share" refers to the need to share these experiences with your family, friends and even fellow competitors.

I had my daughter, husband, mom and one of my aunts there cheering me on! 
They were awesome! and I was so excited to see them throughout the race!

I also made friends before the race.
We set up our bikes together.
Shared advice, tape and goals to one another.
We cheered and congratulated each other after the race was over.
Great and unexpected perk!
We would probably be friends on Facebook now but I can't remember their names.
I was in "the Zone" people! 
My eyes were on the Prize!

Last lesson (for now):
Dress for success!
When you go to the office, you wear appropriate business attire.
When you go to a wedding, you wear anything BUT a white dress.
When you sign up for a Triathlon, PLEASE NEVER EVER wear a French Bikini! 
(Complete with triangle top!) 
That's goes for the boys reading this too!
And don't worry....
I finished like 45 minutes before her.
That's because I'm loyal to brands like TYR* and SPEEDO*

The lessons go on but most of them are specific to my training and how I can improve it.
And that may be a little boring for you guys!
So I'll stick to my advice about bikinis.

*No, I don't get paid for this but I would gladly become a sponsored athlete if anyone from TYR/Speedo is reading this...anyone?*

Thursday, March 15, 2012


You wish your breakfast conversations were as deep and soul-shaking as mine!
The fun starts around 20s in.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Reasons why I love Daniel...

Happy Valentine's Day
Here's list of reasons why my husband is awesome.
Don't believe me?
Read it 
  • He likes musicals and will sing along with me on road trips! 
    • "Once in every show, there comes a song like this..."
  • He's a great daddy!
    • Anyone who watches hours of "Yo Gabba Gabba" with their toddler deserves 5 gold stars!
  • He encourages my anticipation for amazing-looking movies .
    • Avengers, the Hobbit, Dark Knight Rises
  • He's a rock star!
    • If you didn't know, then you should come over for a jam session.
  • He's introduced me to very nerdy comics
  • When I told him that Whitney Houston died, he frowned and then started singing her songs at the top of his lungs.
    • "I got the stuff that you want, I got the stuff that you need..."
  • He'll call me in the middle of the day to see how my day is going.
    • Like yesterday when Kylee was sick.
  • He supports my hobbies even though it takes time away from him and Kylee.
    • He's the best cheerleader I've ever had!
  • He gets me to try new foods 
    • Thai Food, anyone?
  • He's an awesome friend!
    • And my best friend!

So here's my song this year...
to my Valentine...
Complete with spanish subtitles :)

And no...
it's not an ode to Whitney Houston...
even though she was one of the most amazing singers ever...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

At the dinner table

The Following story is based on a true DK story.

The scene opens during a typical Dinner conversation in the DK Household,

Katey: Everyone on "Bookface" is going crazy over this singer named Adele.
I've heard her music and I don't get the fuss.

Daniel: Never heard of her.

Minutes later...

Daniel starts humming between bites.
Katey stares.
Kylee begins dancing.

K (to Daniel): Are you singing?
D: Maybe... It's this song that I keep hearing. I think you'd like it.
K: Ok. Sing it for me. 
(Sidenote: It's awesome that I have a rockstar hubby that loves music and singing)

Daniel then sings this song....

K: Um... that's Adele. You know the person whose music I don't get.

D: Well, it's pretty catchy.

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's only fair...

After yesterday's frustration,
I felt a strong responsibility that I should give GOOD examples of great online health resources.

I actually spend a lot of time researching different practices, diets and drills that I can use in class and outside for my own personal training.

My reasoning: if Health is one of my top priorities, then I should spend a quality amount of time learning about it from several types of sources.

You may not agree with some of them and you may even dislike them.
But these happen to be some of my favorite websites/blogs:

This girl is hilarious!
Super funny in her blogs and
doesn't mind admitting to her love of Frozen Yogurt!
She also happens to be in the same town where Daniel and I went to college!
(Oh how I miss Cafe Rio)

Amazing and inspiring story of a young girl that races triathlons in honor and memory of her late father.

This lady is awesome!
Super fast runner and
she's a mom!
I hope to run fast one day too!

Athleta has AMAZING workout clothes but
did you know that they sponsor wonderful women each year?
Among this year is a Cancer survivor, a Paralympic athlete and several other inspiring women!

I like the magazine and I like the website.
There are all sorts of tips for the average (and not-so-average) runner.
I've found it to be quite informative while maintaining a motivating tone.

So here you go. 
Yes it's true. 
I read a lot of blogs.
I try to make most of them help me THINK about health and fitness.

What are some of your favorites?