Friday, August 31, 2007

California Dreamin'

So we recently came back from a wonderful week in Southern California. It was action packed and fun-filled. The first day that we got there, Daniel was so tired from our extremely early flight that he slept until about 2 pm. After waking up we finally got ourselves together and met some of our friends in Hollywood. But while we were waiting for them, we decided to look around. Daniel was given this award! It even had his name on it. I think it's because of his cool new sunglasses that he was wearing. After we met up with our friends, we went to go check out the footprints at the Chinese Theater. Among the more notable sights were:
California's own Gover-nator: Arnold Schwarzenegger

And a recent addition to the footprints, the Harry Potter stars (Complete with wands!).

It was a nice night in Hollywood, but the fun was just beginning. The next morning we set off for the beach. It was a nice, breezy day and we were excited to get some sun and nap a little bit. We packed a lunch and stayed there a few hours. When we felt satisfied, we headed home. At this point, it is important to note that my mom's house was a construction zone. They didn't even have what could have been identified as a kitchen. Consequently, most of our meals needed to be extremely disposable-friendly or at a restaurant. Nevertheless, my mom is always so good at making us feel welcome. So after we got home from the beach, we went out to celebrate my Mom and Cordell's Anniversary! They've been married for 11 years now.

The next day was Saturday, my dad took Daniel and I surfing! I didn't end up going into the water but I got some pretty cool pictures of Daniel surfing. I only wish that they had been on my camera instead of my dad's camera. He did so well, caught several waves and had a few good wipeouts.

On Sunday, the family gathered with Leilani and Jake's family to see their son, Landon, blessed. It was cool to be there with all of Jake's family too! We spent a nice fun day with our family.

The next two days were filled with visiting college campuses, spending time with family, more beach time and shopping. Here are some pictures:


Aaron, Julie and Joseph said...

Love the pictures. Wish we could have visited home too! Landon is so precious. That's so great you could see him blessed. Hey, did you know Rileigh had her baby girl. Check out her myspace. She's so cute!

Claremont Crew said...

Look at the cosntruction background in the pictures! AHHHHH! We were so thrilled to have you guys with us for a few days. I love both of you and nexct time you come - the hosue may be put together, looking spiffified and not in a chaotic mess - just filled with wild and crazy people! Love you tons,

Claremont Crew said...

Wow! Tons of typos on that last comment - that is construction, next, house....