Thursday, September 20, 2007

Famous People have Famous Faces!

Most of us know about the popular TV Show, "The Simpsons". This past summer, the creators made a full-length movie. In partnership with Burger King, the advertising included a website where one could "Simpsonize" themselves. (It's actually called Daniel and I tried it yesterday and found ourselves extremely amused. Here are our portraits:

Funny, huh? We could be the newest characters on TV! Speaking of TV, most of the people that read this know about our Reality TV Show called "The Place". For those of you that don't, here's the background: Last year, our friends decided that our lives as Single College Kids in Provo, UT was entertaining enough to make into a Reality TV Show. We've had a ton of fun making the show. Our friend, Luis, is the mastermind behind the whole thing and is currently finishing the second season. Anyway, a local magazine in Provo called "Schooled" decided to write a little story about our show. It will be in the next edition of the magazine! Here's a picture of it:
If you look closely, you'll see one of our engagement pictures! But yeah, basically we're famous! Just thought you all wanted to know!

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Claremont Crew said...

Wow - can I have your autographs???? I think I like you better Carlsonized, rather than Simpsonized. Or is that Carlson-McLamaized..Carldonamaized....