Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Louvre

During our stay in Paris we made the long journey to the Louvre. Here are some highlights:

Lots of cool statues (we tried to take the pictures from strategic angles because most of them were completely nude):

Lots of cool paintings:

And lots of generally amazing architecture:

We even took a picture by the upside down pyramid thing made famous by the The Da Vinci Code:

And this is my favorite picture:

The crazy thing is that we only saw about 1/5 of all the stuff in the Louvre.


Kristina said...

I'm super jealous. That picture of you is great. It is my favorite too :) ha ha

Steph said...

Sooo I just discovered your blog and I'm stoked :) Sounds like you had an awesome trip to Europe!! I love the pics you posted.
Hope y'all are doing well!

heidi said...

those are all the paintings i saw pictures of in humanities! i'm so jealous!