Friday, August 8, 2008

Weddings always make me cry!

This is an official declaration that our Europe Excursion blogs have been officially suspended until further since Daniel is too busy and there is interesting stuff happening NOW. For example, our friends Luis and Natalia got married on Wednesday and it was awesome!
This is us with the happy couple a few weeks before they got married. We're so excited for them! And here is a list of reasons why we love Natalia and Luis.
        • They love to have fun!
        • Good taste in food.
        • Better taste in friends
        • Each has a very good sense of right/wrong.
        • Honestly, what's not to love!
Congrats again, Natalia and Luis!

P.S. Due to the extreme numbers of people confusing me with Natalia, I'm putting it to the polls. Do you guys think that I look like Natalia? The poll will be on the side but here's a picture for Reference. Don't mind Luis, there in the middle.

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