Monday, July 19, 2010

Did you ever imagine?

The other day, Kylee was being super cute (like always).
A person stopped me and asked,
"Isn't she beautiful? Did you ever imagine how wonderful motherhood would be?"

I've been asked this question before.
Did I ever imagine I would love her so much?
Did I ever think that being a mom would be so great?

And to answer those questions, I simply say
"Yes, I did imagine it"

Please know that I don't say this out of pride or arrogance.
But Daniel and I went through a lot to get our little Kylee.
Our imaginations were all that we had

Often I would say,
"Is this worth it?"
"I can't do this anymore."
"What are we getting ourselves into?"

But then I remember watching my friends with their children.
I knew that this is what I wanted.
I knew that we would love her this much
Because we already loved her this much.

That love carried us through different treatments, doctors and failures.
So again
Yes. I knew that I would love Kylee this much.


Maryblog said...
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Maryblog said...

Ditto Ditto and Goosebumps. Thanks for this post. It is so true. It is all we imagined. We knew we would love these babies. We knew they would be worth anything and although its not always easy and we don't know everything we know that we love them and we knew we would love them more than anything. Our experiences really put things in perspective for us didn't they. It was all worth it. And it continues to be worth it everyday. Being a Mom is the best. I am so glad that we are having these experiences! All the more precious when they come huh? I think we may even have a little extra patience because we had to wait so long and go through so much! I would wait 100 more years for my little Bennett! Love it!!

Nicole said...

Wow, I loved this post. Motherhood is truly the greatest. Parenthood IS wonderful. It must have been SO hard going through all that to get your sweet little angel; I can only imagine. And I'm sorry you had to go through that. But now you know she was worth it. She is a beautiful baby. Maybe the longer you have to wait, the cuter they get. : )

shiloh said...

So beautiful. The story, and the daughter. I'm glad motherhood is all that hoped it would be.

Jewels said...

So glad you feel that way. I had no idea you two went through a hard road to get your sweet Kylee. So glad you have her. No one's ever asked me that, but occasionally I think to myself, "Is it worth it?" and I always end up with the same answer. "Yes ma'am!!"

Kristina said...

Oh so sweet. She is such a cutie :) Sometimes it is hard to be a mom but there is nothing in this life that is more worth it :)