Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sticking Out! Pt 2

Remember this post about sticking out?
I may have to turn it into a series of posts.

Yesterday I went to get a smog inspection so we can register our car CA.
(Yeah for CA license plates!)
While sitting there, Kylee caught the attention of the two other people in the shop.
We talked about how little babies are wonderful and great.
Soon one person left and I found myself talking to a middle-aged lady about raising kids.

She said that even though girls were "easier", she preferred boys.
Here was her reasoning,
"Boys won't come home pregnant or with a baby!
I think there's something inside girls that just want children."

She went on to say
"Of course the best option is for people to just wait to have sex until they're married but no one does that anymore."

This is where I came in
"Actually, I did that. My husband and I waited until we were married.
It was a wonderful decision and we will teach our children to do the same."

Well the lady looked at me like she'd never seen anyone like me before
and then started asking questions.
We talked for another 30 minutes about
the benefits of keeping intimacy within the relationship of husband and wife.
I'll spare you the details but it was a good conversation
She complimented me for my life decisions
and eventually we went our way.

Maybe I talk to strangers too much.
And for the record, the smog check took WAY longer than the guy had originally told me.
But for once I'm glad!


Billy Reano said...

you guys are being such great beacons out there. Hope you all are doing well, and keep up the great examples you all are to your neighbors.

Nicole said...

Good for you!

Jennilyn said...

What a great story! John had a similar experience a couple of years ago, telling some teenagers that he had waited until we were married. They were shocked, really suprised and said respectful, admiring things back to him.

I told a co-worker a couple of months ago same thing--she was worried about her daughter going to prom and didn't know what to tell her. I suggested she encourage her daughter to wait, that it is worth it to know that you belong completely to your spouse.

Good, natural conversations and honest questions and a willingness to be open and vulnerable about what you believe makes you a great treasure!

You sound like a great missionary!

(Jennilyn, a Carlson cousin)

didianu725 said...

Katey- I love your blog and all the posts you make. I love reading them. I wish I was closer to all 3 of you. Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon!

Dane said...

I'm jealous of you guys for three reasons...
1. You live in California, the 2nd best state in the Union (next to WA of course!)
2. Daniel works around freaking awesome planes. :)
3. You get to be a missionary!

We miss you guys and our last minute breakfasts and lunches...

Carrie said...

great story! i love it!

Jewels said...

You're so awesome. I wish I was more like you!