Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adventures in Georgia

But never fear! I included pictures!

Jamie had never been to Georgia.
Neither had Kylee... but she's only 11months old!
We wanted to show them some of the more awesome parts...

Like the World of Coca-Cola!
And the Georgia Aquarium!

Kylee made friends with a Grouper. least she tried.
Then we went to the Varsity and met some of Jamie's friends.
(because the Frosted Orange is AMAZING!)

Later we visited Papa and took some pictures with the Family.
Including an ever-necessary 4 Generation Picture!
We actually went twice so there are a few.

Whew. I'm tired just thinking about all of the fun we had.

But wait! There's More!
Tomorrow I'll tell you about how we ended the year with some Bling! Bling!
Seriously. Like, For Real.


Bridget said...

you look so beautiful, and I can't believe how big your little one is getting!!! Don't let her get too far ahead of ours :). I am so glad to hear the you guys had a great Christmas. Did you get stuck in any storms out there?

Kendra said...

Your daughter is so cute! I have a little girl about her exact age. She just turned one! They get to big too fast don't they!


Sean said...'re the best!