Thursday, January 6, 2011

Directions for having a "Blast" on New Year's Eve

[cue infomercial jingle]
Do you love having a real Christmas tree each year
but don't know how to get rid of it afterwards?

Do you have a hard time deciding what to do on New Year's Eve?

Do you secretly feel like you throw better parties than other people?
*For the record, I don't. But this is an infomercial, People!*

Well, have we got a solution for you!

Follow these Simple Directions and

Stop watering your tree about a week before Christmas.
And while you're at it, buy some fireworks.
A LOT of fireworks.

Decorate your bare, dry tree...
with said Fireworks.
Like this...

*For this demonstration, we were able to obtain 5 Christmas trees.

Invite your friends over.

Set off some of the extra fireworks to get everyone warmed up!

Set the trees on fire.
You heard me.
Set them on fire.

*WARNING* Do not attempt the following without a Fire Extinguisher...or two.

But wait! There's more!
If you're feeling confident in you Tree Burning Skills,
Why not try two trees at once??

For all intents and purposes of this blog (uh, I mean, infomercial) we only put up two videos. Just know, that the other two are equally as awesome.

As an added bonus,
if you follow this formula then you,
will be able to ring in the New Year with some
Bling! Bling!

So don't just sit around after Christmas this next year!
Blow Up That Tree!
And Party For the New Year!


Jewels said...

That is awesome! Nuff said.

Bridget said...

"Holy Cow!" is right! Did you guys have to get a permit to burn the trees? how did you get them to stand while you burned them, did you use your tree stands?

I loved it!!!
oh yeah, and ps, i was looking at your first pictures thinking how cold you all must have been in your short sleeves, and Kylee just sitting there on the grass, but wait. You are in Cali. jerks! It is sooooo cold here. We had more snow this christmas than I remember in a long time!

We love you guys! next time you blow up a tree, let us know.

Misses Langi said...

i've always wanted to do that. stupid california fire hazards. stupid hawaii humidity. i guess i'll just enjoy your post every new year. lol love you cuz!