Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Story About a Bear...

This story really is about a bear.
It's not a story about a philosophical bear nor a metaphor.
It's about a real bear.

As long as we are counting this as a real bear.
Rewind to the Summer of 2006.
Daniel and I were dating and were quite content to stay that way.
I had made a previous commitment to work all of the California EFY sessions.
That meant that we would spend the majority of the summer apart.
(oh, the Longing!)

The night before I left, Daniel gifted me this bear.
He named him Clarke.
Daniel then told me that I should hug Clarke each time I missed him.
That way I would have something to hug.
The bear stayed on my bed until we were married.

Now before you all run away from the nauseating cuteness emanating from the screen,
Just know
The bear was kicked out.

That's right.

Kicked Out.

In fact, Daniel hid Clarke.

But that's another story.

Fast forward to last week.
Daniel had to be in Texas all week for training.
So I woke up Monday morning to this.
The note says that I'm supposed to restore Clarke to his original charge:
When I missed Daniel, I should hug Clarke.

So I did.


Jewels said...

Too cute! I had a bear that Aaron gave me when we were dating and I kept it very close when we were apart during our engagement. However, my bear did not get kicked out. I still sleep with him every night. :) (Feel free to gag at that!)

Carrie said...

okay. that is adorable.

Natalia said...

That is the sweetest thing ever, you've sure got a keeper of a husband :) And you deserve every bit of his sweetness!

Luis Merino said...

Daniel's the Man(iel) !!


Aimee said...

That is AWESOME!!! I have a feeling Clarke may disappear again in a week.

Misses Langi said...

i know i know, i should've given ample warning before changing our blog. i'm so fired. but in all fairness...... siope made me! :-) did you tell daniel that your cousin is named clark??? that is a super cute concept, but let's be honest... it might as well be named opapo. :-P love you cuz!!! (love daniel too!)

Kristina said...

Awwwww! That is so so so sweet :D Sometimes we all need a dose of nauseating sweetness ;)