Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shave Ice...

Yes, we went to Hale'iwa to get something to eat.
We also needed to have our first Shave Ice of the trip.

We didn't go to Matsumoto's.
We went another day
Just so Daniel could say he went.

Instead we went to MY favorite shave ice place...


Can't say why I like it (other than the shorter line)
But it was pretty awesome.

If you've never had Hawaiian Shave Ice, you might be thinking,

"Hey! What's the big deal? It's just a Snow Cone!"

And that's where you'd be wrong my friend.
If you really want to know the specifics...
Read On.

Shave Ice is made with a different Machine than Snow Cones.
The Machine SHAVES the ice instead of just turning it into little pellets.

With that in mind, you have to shape the Shave Ice more than a snow cone.
Also, when you add syrup to Shave Ice, it SHOULD stay up in the ice instead of going straight to the bottom of the cup.

For even more goodness you can get ice cream at the bottom, cream on top or sweet beans!
Any choice is amazing!!

Moral of the story:
Don't be dissin' my Shave Ice.
It's WAY better than any Snow Cone!


Julie said...

Katey, we may just run into you this week 'cause we were at Aoki's last night--my first shave ice experience. I was not sure what to expect with the beans, but it was oh so good. The ice cream at the bottom was a pleasant surprise too.

Natalia said...

We would always end up at Aoki's too bc of the shorter line. Once you've had shave ice, you can never had a regular snow cone again.

Jennilyn said...

Here in Maryland they shave the ice, too. Different texture. Wonderful, I agree. They also put marshmallow cream, if you ask, in the middle. Fun adventures!

didianu725 said...

there's a shaved ice place that opened up around the corner from me here in chicago. I tried it once and thought it was weird. Katey, you'll have to teach me the ways of the shaved ice experience.

The Atlanta few said...

oh no!!! Does that mean our snow cone machines for the July 2nd pig roast are gonna be way wrong? !!!