Friday, June 17, 2011

A Word about La'ie

I apologize for the lack of background to this trip.
We went to Hawai'i.
Just me and Daniel.
Kylee stayed with my parents.
We've planned it for about a year.
It was fun and blogworthy.
Hence the blogs.
End of Disclaimer.

If you've been to Hawai'i but never spent time away from the cities and resorts,
I highly recommend spending some quality time around La'ie.

There isn't much shopping.

There aren't many fancy restaurants.

But I've always felt that it's a lot more of what Hawai'i REALLY is.

My dad went to school at this place.

I wanted to go to school here!
But went to the snow instead.

Daniel and I both said "What were we thinking??"

It's peaceful, beautiful and there are plenty of beaches for everyone.

While here
we surfed (or tried) with my cousins.

We were terrible, but I was a very good paddler.

we went to the temple

I introduced Daniel to one of my favorite things in Hawai'i.

Sleeping Grass!
The video didn't upload. Sorry. But know that this little weed is awesome.
It closes up when you touch it!


Nicole said...

We love Hawaii! Kaulana was born in La'ie too. And I agree with you. You have to get away from the resorts and Waikiki to really see Hawaii. Glad you guys had a fun trip back!

Misses Langi said...

awwwwwww.... you guys were there already. i'm so sad i missed you. it's ok. i'm glad you were able to have fun though, and that daniel was able to see north shore (especially laie). maybe one of these days we'll come back to the mainland. :-P love you cuz!!