Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm gonna finish our vacation in the next post but first I have a somewhat pressing matter...

Anybody want to send me a recorded Pep talk for my race on Monday?
We're running this race

Experience with sports, preferably coaching a sport.

Must not be related to me.
I won't take you seriously.
Unless it's my mom's cousin Eddie.
He's a great coach and motivates me like none other!
Well, and maybe my brother Kyle.
Exceptions will be considered, but not necessarily accepted.

you gotta be motivating.
None of this "I will give you a gold star" crap.
More like
"You get out there and show them what you are made of.
Does it hurt? IT's supposed to hurt! It's a race."

Mp3 format please.

I wanna go from this...
to this...

Ready, Set, Go!

1 comment:

Natalia said...

Sorry, I have none of those qualifications, but I do believe you'll do great! You inspire me to want to get into shape (after the baby comes, of course)