Friday, September 2, 2011

Her Favorite Movie

I think it's the animals
Found her today like this

Anybody have any other kid movies/shows
with lots of animals and music?


didianu725 said...

I love that girl so much!

Natalia said...

Nothing like a good coffee table and good movie to keep you mesmerized.

Kristina said...

so cute! Simeon has always switched around a lot on his favorites (fortunately) so we've never had to watch the same movie for more than a few days :D Disney movies are always a hit though with lots of animals and music. He was really into Pooh for a while.
Alivia on the other hand is absolutely obsessed with The Little Mermaid and Tangled. It's all she ever wants to watch, and before the credits even start playing she is asking to watch it again :/

Those pictures are seriously cute though :D

Luis Merino said...


Nicole said...

Madagascar. Love it. Mo Tab even sings at the beginning. : ) But the best song is "I Like to Move It, Move It.!"

Julie and Dallas said...

kamdyn just went on a Bolt kick, now we've moved on to Free Willy. Oh you've gotta love kids and their movies