Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I learned from my first Triathlon

This post is about a month overdue. 
But in my defense, I've been waiting for the pictures that a certain person took...
*ahem, MOM*
But never fear, I have one from my cell phone.
Don't worry, this wasn't my final set up...
I later turned the shoes around, unstrapped them and taped the fuel to my handlebars.
You're impressed. 
Admit it.
I just really wanted to show that I took a towel that said
"It's gotta be Hawaiian" 
on it.

But I digress.

First lesson from Triathlon:
Difficult endeavors are the most rewarding!
Ok, you gotta know:
Triathlons are the most bomb-diggity thing EVER!
I felt like I was competing again.
And I haven't felt that way since I graduated high school.
That being said, it was hard.
But I never thought that I could enjoy hard like that.
Much less look forward to another experience similar to that!
But it felt awesome!
I loved it!

Lesson Numero Dos:
That means Number 2. 
Didn't know I was multilingual, did ya?!
No I'm not talking about "Sharing the Road"
That's another post.
This "share" refers to the need to share these experiences with your family, friends and even fellow competitors.

I had my daughter, husband, mom and one of my aunts there cheering me on! 
They were awesome! and I was so excited to see them throughout the race!

I also made friends before the race.
We set up our bikes together.
Shared advice, tape and goals to one another.
We cheered and congratulated each other after the race was over.
Great and unexpected perk!
We would probably be friends on Facebook now but I can't remember their names.
I was in "the Zone" people! 
My eyes were on the Prize!

Last lesson (for now):
Dress for success!
When you go to the office, you wear appropriate business attire.
When you go to a wedding, you wear anything BUT a white dress.
When you sign up for a Triathlon, PLEASE NEVER EVER wear a French Bikini! 
(Complete with triangle top!) 
That's goes for the boys reading this too!
And don't worry....
I finished like 45 minutes before her.
That's because I'm loyal to brands like TYR* and SPEEDO*

The lessons go on but most of them are specific to my training and how I can improve it.
And that may be a little boring for you guys!
So I'll stick to my advice about bikinis.

*No, I don't get paid for this but I would gladly become a sponsored athlete if anyone from TYR/Speedo is reading this...anyone?*


Bridget said...

Yay for your first triathlon!!! I am training for my first one right now too, it's in 3 weeks! Any advice for the last few weeks of training? I am doing a sprint for this one. How long is yours? Then Anna V and I are planning an olympic this June...oh, and did I mention how much I miss you?! and ps we are going to st george again at the end of april or beginning of may, and you guys should totally come...I should just call you right now but it is way too late, so maybe you should call me?!!!

Natalia said...

Congratulations on such a great accomplishment! That is on of those things on my bucket list that I'm not sure I'll ever reach.

Jennilyn said...

How close are you guys to San Jose? Our oldest daughter is getting married in June, and CA reception is Saturday 30 June. We would love to invite you! EMAIL me: landbeck@verizon.net (I am Jane Carlson & Ken Babcock's oldest)