Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom

Background needed for this story to make sense:
Our Vacuum broke.

Moving on.

I called the Customer Service for our vacuum, Voldemort.
Yes, I named our vacuum.
Just now.

Why is our vacuum named Voldemort?
1-Because Vacuum and Voldemort both start with V
2- Because Voldemort sucks! 

Anymore questions?

Customer Service told us that they would send us packing materials so we could send the vacuum to the repair center.
If it wasn't fixable, it would be replaced since it was still under warranty.

So I'm looking at the directions to pack up the box and they ask that we basically disassemble parts of the vacuum and pack them in.

As I heeded the directions, the thought occurred to me
"I wonder if I can keep taking this thing apart.."

Long story short,
Found the problem.
Fixed the problem.
Took Voldemort on a test drive around the house.

And now Voldemort sucks again!

But here's the best part of the story:
I emailed Daniel my exciting news and he responded with this

"You should have been an Engineer!"

This is me feeling pretty good about myself.


Nicole said...

I'm impressed! Now could you come fix our stupid Dyson vacuum that isn't working right now? : )

Jennilyn said...

Hey, if you guys are in town Saturday June 30 from 4-8 pm at Quail Hollow Ranch in Felton, CA, come to our daughter's wedding reception! John & I will be flying out. RSVP 831-338-0202