Thursday, October 11, 2012

Confessions of a Two Year Old

Kylee here....
yes, I'm two.
And I blog. 

Don't be surprised. 
I mastered the use of iPods and iPhones when I was 10 months old.
*True Story*
So yeah, I can blog.

Since my mom can't seem to fill you guys in on our lives,
here is a DK Update....
KYLEE Style!
No. Not Gangnam Style.
Stop watching so much YouTube.

We went to Hawaii!
How my mom missed that... I dunno!

But it was awesome. I learned how to eat sand

became a supermodel

and believed I could fly!

I learned that every important person wears a tie to Church.

we had some quality dance parties

After that I delved into some literary classics.

Then we went to the beach again!

And finally....
my parents finally came to their senses...

and got me a puppy!
I've only wanted one my WHOLE life!
That's it for now


Desiree said...

So cute and so clever! I love it -- can you do one for my family now, I only have about 20 years worth!

April said...

Aww Kylee your writing skills are so advanced! ;)

Loved this adorable update and especially the pics.

Congrats on your new PUPPPPYYYY!!! :)