Friday, July 27, 2012


ba BAAA ba buh bum bum 
bum bumpa bud badda bah bum diddily um bum

Don't you love that song?
What song?!
Educate yourself!

It's that time again folks!

Once every few years we get to watch amazing athletes perform for their country.
Remember when the Olympics were every 4 years and now it's 2!
Thank goodness! 
4 years is too long to wait!

So many things that I love about the Olympics
-The Extra Dose of Patriotism
-The Crying Moms
-The Medals Ceremonies

But I love the pivotal moments in the Olympics.
Want an example?
How about 30!


I spent an hour or so watching these.
Result: Cryfest!

Can't wait to watch some amazing moments take place in London!
For now... watch this!

1 comment:

shiloh said...

Hahaha. Loved the lip sync. Now I'm more eager to catch the swimming events just to see if I can spot a few of the most enthusiastic singers. :)